Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Remover of Obstacles

I chose an image of Ganesh for my title bar simply because he is one of the few Hindu gods that I know of. His image is appealing because it is so fantastical with its elephant head on a chubby guy body. It turns out, however, that my choice was apropos for my trip. He is a god of travel and ensures that people have safe journeys, which will be useful during my 24 hours of flying tomorrow. He is also known as the remover of obstacles, which I'll need today as I take care of all of my last minute errands. I need the obstacles of my insurance company removed so that I can get my prescriptions and I need the obstacles of long lines removed at CVS so that I can buy my all important hand sanitizer. Ganesh, it would also be great if you could also remove the obstacles of my bank's hours so that I can purchase my traveler's checks. You can read more about Ganesh here and about hinduism in general here.

Yes, these small matters are where my mind is at right now but overarching it all is my huge excitement to finally be going back to India, a place I was so fascinated by when I first visited in 2002. I don't know exactly what to expect but I'm sure that it will be challenging and educational, stimulating, confusing and amazing.


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