Saturday, January 15, 2005


Where Oh Where has that Jenna Gone?

Well, I have arrived safely in Rajgarh which, as you may have ascertained, does not have an Internet connection.

Apart from that, it's an amazing setting - I think we're up about 5000 feet, and the mountains are just huge and beautiful. There's two hills nearby that I like to climb up on in the afternoons and look down at the valleys below. I feel like Julie Andrews at the beginning of The Sound Of Music, except without the singing. It's so quiet that you can hear cows mooing and the announcements from Cricket matches coming from far below. Up there, I feel huge looking down at these whole communities of people, but also so small and insignificant at the same time.

I've been sustained so far on a steady diet of dal (lentils), chair (amazing, I'll never be able to drink the stuff in coffee shops again), mountain air, and Bollywood movies. I've had daily hinidi lessons but so far can only say what is your name and how are you.

I'm working with two groups of women who are very curious and anxious to learn new projects. The language barrier is very strong but luckily I have a great translator, Nirmaul, who accompanies and tell the women about yarn overs and guage in Hindi. After a successful first week where many have completed or are near completing purses or fingerless gloves, there is still much to be learned. I'm also looking forward to us being able to get to know mroe about each others lives.

It's tough, I do miss others here but I'm also enjoying my schedule, the staff, the things I'm learning, the books I'm reading, the socks I'm knitting (almost finished with one) and the walks I'm taking. I could so so much more about the animals, the town, the small festival we had the other night, the Indian-accented way that I'm now thinking but sadly this post must be short. I think I'm off next weekend and will be heading to Shimla, so hopefully I should be able to say more then.

As they say here, Namaste-ji and I wish peace on all of you.


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